Robin Loves to Write – Plain and Simple


A Writer of children’s books like her original children’s series Tanglewood.

Robin also loves a good western and thinks they should come back strong!
It is her love of a good historical novel with a deep plot line and plenty of twists that she knows will keep readers turning pages.

In her opinion: “Without history — how can we appreciate ours lives as they are now? How would young readers know what great lengths our pioneer men, women, and their children took to cross great frontiers in order to start new families and build new townships?”

Writing since childhood Robin never took writing serious until becoming an adult and a strong urge to improve her skill – had her taking UCLA writing courses. Now, not a day goes by that she doesn’t so some type of writing.

View  the attached link pages: Tanglewood and Because Of Me  — where you can read about recent works Robin has been working on.