Adapting latest novel to screenplay


Whew… I have been dutifully busy trying to make connections with publishers who buy family saga/romance/westerns (and they’re not many) in hopes of getting representation, as well as being noticed for my original children’s series.

This is not as easy as we might think. And even though I believe my novel is a very good story with great memorable characters… it is getting past they’re first reservations of  a storyline of this nature.

In today’s economy Publishers are hard pressed. Do they take a chance on a new author? or stay with the authors they all ready represent? The answer to that is the question is one I am still trying to figure out. I am a hopeful person. and since my childhood it has been a dream of mine to have at least one of my books published by a major publisher.

So here I am doing what needs to be done. Progress may be slow but I am still making progress. I do have another one of my interview articles coming out in The Writer Magazine this March 2012. Be sure to pick up a copy and read my interview article with Caroline Leavitt New York Times Best Selling Author.

In the meantime I have adapted my family saga novel into a screenplay of the same name. Ideas keep popping into my head so fast I have a writing-tablet at my bedside in order for me to write these ideas down.

Keep writing.


Robin Loves to Write – Plain and Simple


A Writer of children’s books like her original children’s series Tanglewood.

Robin also loves a good western and thinks they should come back strong!
It is her love of a good historical novel with a deep plot line and plenty of twists that she knows will keep readers turning pages.

In her opinion: “Without history — how can we appreciate ours lives as they are now? How would young readers know what great lengths our pioneer men, women, and their children took to cross great frontiers in order to start new families and build new townships?”

Writing since childhood Robin never took writing serious until becoming an adult and a strong urge to improve her skill – had her taking UCLA writing courses. Now, not a day goes by that she doesn’t so some type of writing.

View  the attached link pages: Tanglewood and Because Of Me  — where you can read about recent works Robin has been working on.